Your Choice = Your Voice 

There must be a balance between monetary profit and true value in the 21st century, as our planet faces environmental catastrophe and social inequality under the current system of capitalism.


To facilitate citizenship in the business sector by engaging everyday people with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and empowering them as consumer citizens.


We believe that consumers have the power to force companies to do better. We also believe that corporations need to step up their CSR game, not only help save the world, but to face the fact that sustainability is more profitable.

We aim to bring consumers, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofit and businesses sectors together— Scalechange is where shopping, social and environmental impact, and profit meet to help pivot society towards a more sustainable future.


We connect socially-minded businesses and consumers together using our revolutionary social media platform, Commonstake, where people can rate companies and exchange information on the good, the bad, and the ugly that businesses do, and shop with sustainable brands.

We recently launched an innovative form of microfinance that provides startup funds to social entrepreneurs. By engaging on our platforms and shopping with our partners, folks can earn sustainable-shopping rewards with which to shop for green products or invest in social entrepreneurs.  

We also support social entrepreneurship and nonprofits that want to scale up by offering consulting services to startups so that their founders can focus what they do best, letting our ethical outsourcing department consisting of 50 specialists take care of the rest.