Fresh Stats on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Today's complex political environment, combined with the pressing challenges facing the glove, leave Americans wondering where to turn next. The 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study reveals Americans are giving companies not only the invitation, but the mandate to step up to solve today's most complex social and environmental issues. 

In the past 12 months: 

  • 50% of Americans have boycotted a company's products/services upon learning it behaved irresponsibly

  • 52% of Americans bought at least one product or service from a company because it stood up for or advocated a social or environmental issue

  • 45% of Americans have told friends or family about a company's responsibility efforts

  • 46% of Americans refused to purchase a company's products/services upon learning that it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs

  • 39% of Americans have researched a company's business practices or support of social and environmental issues

  • 32% of Americans have given their opinions or feedback about a company's responsibility efforts directly to that company

"In order to lead as a responsible company, it's simply not enough to address internal operational challenges - businesses must take the lead to push progress on issues that go straight to the hearts and minds of Americans and communicate company values in a way that's relevant and authentic. Today's consumers are smart and empowered. They have a propensity to dig in to do their own research. They are willing to use their voice and dollars as a force for change, becoming a company's staunchest supporters - or detractors. Now is the time to not only stand for, but stand up for something that matters."