Scalechange fosters citizenship in the business sector by engaging everyday people with corporate social responsibility (CSR) and empowering them as consumer citizens.

While 82 percent of Americans prefer to shop in an environmentally-friendly manner, only 16 percent are actually able to do so. Two-thirds of the U.S. population is stuck in an all-important gap known as the Mainstream Green or Green Gap (Ogilvy & Mather). It is likely that other countries are facing a similar or worse dilemma. How consumers respond to this challenge will make or break humanity.

In recent weeks, climate scientists and journalists have been debating whether or not we’ve approached a ten-year cliff in regard to global warming. By the time this new hypothesis is vetted, it may already be too late for humanity. In the meantime, life on Earth will become untenable for hundreds of thousands of other species too. Assuming the worst, what can we do to quickly curtail climate change? There’s only one prognosis: we need to cure capitalism, the crisis’ culprit.