New Index Uses Data from Suppliers to Rate Brands and Retailers

Better Buying is an independent project supported by some of the most highly regarded names in supply chain transparency, including the C&A Foundation and Humanity United, and Dickson hopes to both expand the scope of the report in future indices and work directly with companies to address the issues they’ve identified.

“We want them to use the information we provide to begin working to improve their practices,” Dickson said. “We’re hoping to foster a ‘race to top’ and showcase the best practices that are being developed.”

By knowing more about what is working, and what is not, with regards to supply chain management, Better Buying believes better strategies can be developed to improve supply chains from within and make them more sustainable and ethical, to the benefit of all parties.


How A Beauty Brand Raised An Army Of 30,000 Political Activists

Beautycounter has 30,000 consultants within its network. Given that they are from every corner of the country, these women tend to have diverse political persuasions and personal backgrounds. But 80% of them are drawn to Beautycounter for its social mission, according to an internal survey the company conducted.

This activist approach sets it apart from the hundreds of other direct selling brands on the market, like Stella & Dot, Rodan & Fields, and Cabi.


Social Enterprise: The Future of Doing Business

While social enterprise is a relatively new concept for much of the mainstream business community, it’s one that is sure to become widespread and endure. That’s why Memorial University is leading the charge when it comes to arming its business graduates with the necessary tools to become the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

A social enterprise is typically defined as one that seeks to achieve social, cultural or environmental goals through the sale of goods and services. They can be for-profit or not-for-profit with profits being directed toward achieving those social objectives. The social enterprise business model is one that is growing, and it’s changing the way business leaders see the future of doing business.