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Launching the beta took two years, thousands of hours and tens of thousand of dollars. There are dozens of changes that go into each updated version of Commonstake, involving hundreds of hours of work by our team of ten. Something tells us you’re not interested in hearing about all the nitty-gritty technicalities that went into that or even the small updates to the versions we launch bi-weekly, so here of some of the most important new features and updates to current features since we launched the beta:

Scalechange Allows You To Earn Crowdfunding Credit through Citizen Journalism gamifies corporate social responsibility (CSR) by generating crowdfunding credit for ethical shoppers. First, Commonstake must crowdsource info on companies' impact. Do your part and share important articles about businesses in your community and you'll get $50 without buying a thing!

$calechange is a new form of financial credit that allows companies to make a positive impact while empowering their customers with the choice of causes that are supported. It is designed to help usher along the radical economic shift toward social and environmental accountability that the planet demands, bringing together companies, consumers and causes into a cycle of good with the power to take humanity to great new heights.

The first company accepting $calechange is Crowdwill, our crowdfunding platform for scaleable social and environmental solutions, which empowers consumer citizens as micro-philanthropists. On Crowdwill uses can redeem $calechange with scaleable solutions to social and environmental problems. Don't see your cause? Add your own!

The first company offering $calechange is Commonstake, our social media platform for consumer citizens, which crowd-sources info on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Companies that consumers approve are able to offer $calechange to their customers as a means attract them into their store or to purchases goods. In the meantime, Commonstake is offering Scalechange directly to its users for a limited time!

Check out the top five users of Commonstake below for inspiration:

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The Middle Green & The Green Gap

Here at Scalechange our mission is to help you invest in companies that share your values and divest from companies that don't. The problem we aim to fix is that while the majority of shoppers want to shop conscientiously most cannot. 

"The United States and China arms of OgilvyEarth collaborated on a project that aimed to help crack the code on one of marketing’s thorniest problems. We choose those countries as they are the two largest consuming markets on earth. The problem, dubbed the Green Gap, describes the gap between consumers’ green intentions and green actions. Plenty of research observes that it exists; we set out to understand why, and to discover ways to close it. Bridging the Green Gap is critical to corporate bottom lines and climate trend lines." 

To cross the chasm, we have developed a solution that informs consumers while alleviating the premium on ethical products and services, in one fell swoop. Addressing the lack of information about companies and the premium in pricing on ethical products, Scalechange gamifies corporate social responsibility, awarding consumers with crowdfunding credit for ethical shopping while crowdsourcing CSR data and philanthropic selection.