Beta Version 1.2

At Scalechange we live life incrementally. It’s the reason why we have so many tabs open on our computers right now. So that we can work on multiple things at once, without getting bogged down by any one task, which is called machine processing - more commonly known as multitasking. It’s also why we think of each day as an opportunity to improve upon the last and value a work-in-progress as much as a finished product.

Knowing that perfection is the opposite of good, we’re in love with the way working drafts or iterations take the pressure off along the way to greatness. It hasn’t been long since we launched the Commonstake beta and here we are again, excitedly reliving the much-anticipated launch each time we release a new version, each with myriad updates. We will continue to iterate every 2 weeks, introducing new features and fixing malfunctions identified by you - our dearly beloved beta testers.

There are dozens of changes that go into each updated version of Commonstake, involving hundreds of hours of work by our team of ten. (Launching the beta took two years, thousands of hours and tens of thousand of dollars.) Something tells us you’re not interested in hearing about all the nitty-gritty technicalities that went into that or even the small updates to the versions we launch bi-weekly, so here of some of the most important new features and updates to current features since we launched the beta:

Find what you’re looking for:

We added newsfeed filters to cause and community pages so you can now sort articles by date, popularity and relevance. Popularity is determined by the number of comments an article receives and relevance is determined by an algorithm we wrote that combines keywords, user preferences and IP location.  

Edit or delete past posts:

According to you beta testers, it’s frustrating when, after you post something to networks like Twitter, you find a typo, only to realize you can no longer edit. As on most popular social media platforms, you can now edit your old Commonstake posts or delete them.

Edit tags on other users’ posts:

If you feel another user’s article is relevant to a company, community or cause that isn’t tagged you can now add your own tags to their post. Ben M. shared this article about Worldplay Ventures in the United States but Thomas L. was able to add the other company and community it mentions.

Quick references on homepage:

We added a left-hand sidebar on your user homepage providing shortcuts to the causes, communities, companies and consumers that you’re following. It’s similar to the one you’re familiar with on Facebook. You know? When you press “Home”?

Report articles to admin:

If you feel someone’s article is irrelevant or that it’s spam you can bring it to the attention of our administrators and they will delete it if they agree. Simply press the little flag symbol at the bottom of the post and you’ll receive a confirmation notice that the post is under review.

Social share bars - yes:

You can now share articles to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter without leaving Commonstake. Also, we improved the “metadata” so that Commonstake images and headlines are automatically sucked up when you share them elsewhere.

Those are all the big updates for now! We’ll be in touch with more exciting features in 2 weeks. We’d like to thank all the beta testers and B Corps whose feedback helped shape the new and improved version of Commonstake we released today!