What's "$calechange"?


$calechange is a new form of financial credit that allows companies to make a positive impact while empowering their customers with the choice of causes that are supported. It is designed to help usher along the radical economic shift toward social and environmental accountability that the planet demands, bringing together companies, consumers and causes into a cycle of good with the power to take humanity to great new heights.


A great new way to facilitate Corporate and Consumer citizenship. qualifying companies offer their customers a percentage of each purchase back as donation credit and can stipulate the giving category.

Commonstake: Crowdsourcing

The first company offering $calechange is Commonstake, our social media platform for consumer citizens, which crowd-sources info on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Companies that consumers approve are able to offer $calechange to their customers as a means attract them into their store or to purchases goods.


In addition to supporting net-positive companies through socially-responsible shopping, consumer citizens can do even more good by contributing $calechange to the crowdfunding campaign of their choice.

Crowdwill: crowdfunding:

The first company accepting $calechange is Crowdwill, our crowdfunding platform for scaleable social and environmental solutions, which empowers consumer citizens as micro-philanthropists. On Crowdwill uses can redeem $calechange with scaleable solutions to social and environmental problems. Don't see your cause? Add your own!


Coming Soon:

A $calechange-Enabled Work Exchange

Social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs can lend their talents to startup organizations offering $calechange in exchange for help developing their cause and expand their impact.
Startup organizations can also exchange $calechange for professional support from mission-driven professionals offering myriad operational abilities.