Sacred Spaces: Issue One


Sacred Spaces: Issue One

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Issue 1: November, 2017
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Sacred Spaces is an online journal produced by Healrs in order to fulfill its mission to render holistic healing options much more accessible to the masses. The theme of their first issue is healing without borders.

Healrs is here to debunk dichotomies because the truth always lies somewhere between two poles, somewhere on a spectrum. Beyond western medicine, there’s a rich range of traditions, old and new, that eclipses even so-called alternative therapies. Escaping the reaction-formations within this divided ecosystem of healing modalities, Healrs is radically inclusive, fostering unity.

Featured Authors:
Bernie Siegel, David Hayden, Eric Large, Heather Prince, Jessica Katzman, Lesley Goth, Lina Landess, Thomas Lonesome

Featured Artists: 
Anita Wexler, Christina Cobb, Frank Livingston, Greg Jaskot, Gloria Sanchez, Jo DiFulvio, Judith Cooper, Lisa Horlander, Pauline Galiana, Rachel Derum, Yogendra Modak

Special Editions: 
Laura Junge

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